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Generate New Leads 24/7

Increase Your Clients and Customers by Building a Lead Generating Website

A service-based business requires a steady stream of customers and clients to grow. But finding those potential customers can be a real challenge, and it’s probably the biggest challenge you have as a business owner.

A website that’s built to help generate leads for your business, however, can turn that challenge into a strength for your business.

With a Lead Generation Website Starter Kit, you’ll be able to show all of the amazing things your business does for your clients and customers. You’ll be able to show your business in action and the process your business goes through to solve the problems your clients have.

Plus, you can display testimonials from your clients about your great work and create case studies that dive in depth to talk about how you went about solving a problem. It’s the perfect way to show — not tell — why your the business someone should pick to fix their problems.

Your new website can be another sales person that’s working to help generate new leads for your business 24/7!

Show Why You’re the Best

Proudly Show Off Your Great Work

Showing, not telling, what your business can do to help a customer is a great way to separate your business from the competition. And your website will be the best tool you have to show potential customers what you do and how your business can help them.

You’ll be able to use a combination of text, photos, testimonials and potentially video to help you show what your business does. Display photos of your business in action and solving problems for your clients. Describe and show the process your business goes through with each client. Produce case studies that talk about the problems past clients were having and how you were able to solve them. The sky is the limit with what you can show.

Your website is your opportunity to really showcase your business and how you can help someone with the problem that they’re having!

a person typing on a macbook pro laptop on a white desk

Show What You’ve Done for Others

Your previous projects for past clients are a great way to show those looking at your business what you can do for them. With this website, you’ll be able to display the amazing work you’ve done for others and talk about your process for ensuring success for your clients and customers.

Use Photos to Show What You Do

A photo is worth a thousand words, or so the saying goes. With your new website, you’ll be able to use photos to show what your business does. You can show your process. And you can show before and after photos to really highlight the amazing work you do and how you can help your customers. Show, don’t just tell, people what your business does.

Build Landing Pages

Craft Great Landing Pages That Generate Leads

Landing pages and the associated lead generation forms are where the action is really going to happen on your website. This is where your potential clients and customers are going to make the decision to take that next step with your business and fill out the form or move onto another business.

Your website will allow you to craft amazing landing pages that help show that your business is the right one for the job. From spectacular hero sections to patterns that highlight the services that your business offers to showing off previous projects for past clients, you’ll be able to craft landing pages that showcase your business in the best way possible.

Plus you’ll also be able to craft lead generation forms that are easy for the user to fill out to take the next step. And you’ll be able to determine which leads won’t lead to success and which ones will become your best clients.

By the time you’re done building your website, it’ll be like having an extra sales person for your business!

Manage Your Leads

Seamlessly Integrate Your Lead Gen Forms with Your CRM Tool

When it comes to managing the leads you get through the website, there’s no better thing to do than to use a Customer Relationship Management tool. You’ve probably heard a lot about them too, from Salesforce to Agile CRM to Hubspot, Zoho and so many more.

These tools will help you manage all of the leads you get, from keeping track of their contact information to creating email drip campaigns to keep your business at the top of your mind and more to help them become clients and customers of your business.

The Website Starter Kit will help you pick a CRM tool and connect it to your website so that you can start using it to nurture leads to become your clients and customers. While you will need to create your own email campaigns and customize the tool to meet your needs, you won’t have to worry about any of the technical tasks of connecting your website with the CRM tool.

a macBook with a writing document opened

Pick a CRM Tool to Use to Manage Your Leads

There are plenty of CRM tools out there that can help you manage and nurture leads until they are clients and beyond. I’ll help you navigate your options to find the one that will work the best for you and your business so that managing leads is easy and painless for you and your staff.

Develop a System for Managing Leads

Creating a system for managing your leads will ultimately be up to you and whatever CRM tool you decide to use. But I’ll point you in the right direction for resources to help you build a system that will work best for you and your business.

Build a Your Lead Generation Website

The Five Steps to Build Your Own Lead Generation Website

The Lead Generation Website Starter Kit cuts out a lot of the headaches and roadblocks that can accompany a custom website build. The result is a quicker and cheaper website for you and your business, but with the same quality. Here’s how it works.

An iMac showing a Figma file with designs for app screens


Select a Design for Your Website

After you purchase a kit, we’ll set up a time for you to pick a design you like for your new website. And don’t worry; if you’re not sure what you want, I’ll have plenty of options for you to choose from.

A person sitting down in a meeting room with a laptop, notebook and phone on a wooden table


Final Review and Website Launch

Once everything has been added to the website and is ready to go, you’ll get a chance to look over everything and suggest changes. Then when you’re ready, the website will go live. You’re now online with an awesome website!

What You Will Get

In addition to setting up a website, here’s what else your website will come with to make it the best that it can be.

Website Designed to Meet Your Needs

Every community or content creator needs a website. But those needs for a website is different. The Lead Generation Website Starter Kit was created to help deliver a website that meets your needs. No matter what you need to create, the website starter kit will deliver the website that you need!

Screenshots of three different website homepages

Quick Turnaround Time at an Affordable Price

The Lead Generation Website Starter Kit is designed to help you get a professional website launched quickly at an affordable price. Your new website will be live in less than two weeks (and sometimes as quick as five days). And don’t worry about exorbitant costs as the starting price for a new website is more than affordable. It will fit the budget for anyone!

A jar full of change with a small plant growing out the top
Screenshots of a WordPress dashboard

The Best Performance Possible

Speed is everything in today’s world. Your website will need to load quickly to keep people on your website. And with a Lead Generation Website Starter Kit, it will! Your website will be built with speed in mind so that it loads as quickly as possible. You’ll never have to worry about your website loading slowly again.

Screenshot of a Google PageSpeed Insights report

Google Business Profile Set Up

A Google Business Profile is crucial for any local business. It’s how you can easily get found in Google “near me” or Map searches. But getting it set up can be a time-consuming process. With the purchase of an Lead Generation Website Starter Kit, I’ll set up a Google Business Profile account for your business. That way you can quickly start to show up in the searches that matter.

Screenshots of two different Google Business Profile screens
A row of computer servers

Search Engine Optimization Help

SEO is crucial for every website out there so that it can get found in Google searches. But it can be a tricky thing to learn, and it’s a time-consuming process. Your website will be built from the ground up with SEO in mind. From plugins that will give your SEO a boost to using all of the best practices, your website will be set up to help you get found in those all important search results.

a Google Search Console dashboard for a website

Additional Add Ons to Power Your Website

Need a little bit more functionality for your website? No worries! You’ll have the ability to choose add ons to attach to your website. From creating custom landing pages to building custom blog templates to adding in integrations for your forms and more, you’ll be able to do whatever you want with your website!

The "Add Plugins" screen of a WordPress website on a laptop
two men looking over a report

Get Started

Start Building a Lead Generation Website for Your Business Today!

Ready to create a website that generates leads for your business? Want to help simplify taking in those leads and putting them into a CRM for easier management? Then let’s get started building your lead generation website today!

You can pick any add ons you want for your website and choose a WordPress Website Care plan for your site. Then hit the checkout button to continue to the checkout phase. After you’ve completed the checkout form, I’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible to kick off creating the website.

You’re so close to creating a lead generation website for yourself that will help your business grow!

Select a WordPress Website Care Plan

Each Lead Generation Website Starter Kit comes with a WordPress Website Care plan for an annual or monthly charge. Let’s see which plan is going to be the best for your new website.

Basic Plan

Perfect for a basic WordPress website with a few pages. Maybe it’s just in the starting phase for a website you’re creating for your community. You just need managed updates and some technical help.

  • WP Engine Hosting
  • Managed Updates
  • Accessibility Checks and Fixes
  • Knowledge Base and Community Access
  • Emergency Support
  • Daily Automated Backups

Monthly: $50/month
Annual: $40/month paid at once

Optimized Plan

Perfect for a website that you’re looking to grow to help out your business. You’ll get SEO fixes, and I’ll work with you to help out your Local SEO. And I’ll get you going with Google’s great tools.

  • Everything From the Basic and Secured Plans
  • Weekly Website Reports
  • User Experience Checks and Fixes
  • Google Analytics, Search Console and Tag Manager Setup
  • SEO and Local SEO Checks and Fixes
  • Image Optimization
  • 10 Hours of Changes/Month

Monthly: $150/month
Annual: $140/month paid at once

Select a Plan

Excluding 8.25% tax

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It’s the perfect way to continue to learn about websites and how you can create and manage a website that helps you and the community that you build. Oh and don’t worry about the name. A lot of what’s covered will absolutely apply to your business website.

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