Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a really important aspect of your website. After all, you’ll likely find that most of your traffic will come from Google and other search engines. So making sure your website is appeasing those search engines is something you have to do and manage.

But SEO is a very murky landscape. To be honest, anyone saying they can improve your site’s page rank overnight is lying to you. That just isn’t the case.

Instead, it takes time to optimize your website and see real results. It’s making sure your code is written correctly. It’s doing keyword research and using words that will rank your website. And it’s doing the small things like using alternative text for images and writing quality content.

It’s a lot and can be overwhelming, especially if this is all new to you. But that’s okay because there are people who can help you out with this.

This page will give you the resources you’ll need to get your website SEO-ready. You’ll find blog posts, resources (internal and external), videos and people and websites to follow to better understand the complex world of SEO.

Because you’re going to need to make sure it’s one of your top priorities with your website.

Let’s Work on Your Site’s SEO Code

One of the best things you can do to help your website’s SEO is to make sure the underlying code is correct and conforms to today’s standards. But if you’re not a developer, you might not be able to or feel comfortable making changes to your site’s code. I can help you out with that. I can come in and confidently make those changes for you. And you’re site’s code will be an SEO benefit and not a drag.

Let’s Get Your Site’s SEO Code Working