Journal Notes

Client: Crosswinds Framework
Date: December 5, 2023
Category: WordPress Themes

Screenshots from the Journal Notes demo sites

The Journal Notes theme is a free child theme of the Crosswinds Framework.

I wanted to create a really simple theme for the Framework that could be used by anyone, and what better way than to create a really simple blogging theme.

There’s honestly not a whole lot to this theme. It looks similar to a lot of blog themes in the WordPress landscape, only this is a block theme. That means users can customize all of it in the dashboard.

With that in mind, I added some options for how a user can easily change the theme around to make it unique to them. First, the page headers can be swapped around from a cover and image background to a simple color background or no background. And each of the blog post listings on the home and archive pages can be changed between a cover background with just the title to a featured image, title, excerpt and more.

In the end, I think this is a good theme for someone who wants a simple blog website but also wants to be able to customize their entire website without needing to write any code.