Local Services

Client: Crosswinds Framework
Date: December 5, 2023
Category: WordPress Themes

Screenshots from the Local Services demo sites

The Local Services theme is a child theme of the Crosswinds Framework.

The theme is built primarily for small businesses that are trying to create a simple website for their business or create a website that can generate leads for their business. But it also works great for freelancers as well.

As a writer, I know that it’s always better to show rather than tell, so for this theme I wanted to allow users to use as much photography as they want to show people what their business can do and how they can help with whatever problem they might have.

Additionally, the theme uses a project post type where business owners can show off their latest and greatest work to really highlight what they can do for prospective clients and customers.

Overall, I think the theme turned out great, and it’s something that can be used by anyone that really wants to show off what their business can do and to help their business grow in today’s digital age.