CSS is the easiest way to style webpages today. Over the course of my learning, I’ve become well-versed in how to make CSS work for me to create beautiful designs on the page.

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro is one of the premier video editing tools out there. It makes putting together great videos quick and easy. I know how to use it to quickly make great videos for you or your company.

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Foundation is CSS framework similar to that of Bootstrap. I know how to utilize Foundation to get the most out of it to make amazing websites.


Git and version control are key parts of the web development work flow these days. I know how to use Git in an efficient manner to make sure all projects are properly under version control.


HTML is the building block of the modern webpage. I know how to create the correct HTML to create the page I need.


Adobe Illustrator is a great tool for creating logos and other vector graphics. I know how to use it to create whatever graphics you might need.


Adobe InDesign is a great tool for creating print page layouts. I know how to use it to help you create great page layouts for you or your business.


JavaScript is quickly becoming the way of the modern internet. I know how to use JavaScript to implement cool features on the webpage.



jQuery is a small, but powerful tool in web development. I know how to use it to do cool things on the webpage.


MySQL will always be a key part of the internet and web development. I know how to create databases, combine data to get cool stats and get it to print on the page to create dynamic webpages.


We are drawn to images these days. They draw us in and can tell a story with no words. I know how to frame shots and get the right photos to tell a good story.


Photoshop is a pretty basic tool for photography these days. I know how to use it to get photos looking the best that they can, especially for the web.


While JavaScript is certainly on the up and up, PHP remains the bread and butter of web development. I know how to use PHP to get the data I need, display it on the page and solve just about any webpage problem.

Responsive Web Design

The web today is quickly turning to the mobile sphere. So responsive web design is a must. I know how to design websites that look good on desktops, tablets and mobile phones and how to make that come to life in the actual code.

Social Media

Social media is an important part of being on the internet today. I know how to use social media to tell a story, be it personal or a business.


Video is also becoming more and more attention grabbing these days. A well-developed video can tell an incredible story in a way no other medium can. I know how to come up with the right shots, ask the right questions and have the technical skills to tell such a story.



VueJS is one of the most lightweight and powerful JavaScript frameworks out there. I can create websites and projects that utilize VueJS to be quick and amazing.

Web Design

A website’s design is just as important as the code that runs it. It helps a site stand out among the crowd of the other million sites on the web. I can help make your site be one of those that stands out among the sea of other sites.




I’ve worked with WordPress as a user since 2010 and as a developer since 2012. I’ve developed themes and plugins, both commercially and for the respective directories on It’s easy to get going and I use it on almost all of my projects.


Writing was my first love, and I love to tell a story. Whether it’s a news or feature story for the paper, a case study for work you’ve done or just your testimonial, a well-written story always worth the time. And I would love to tell your story or story idea.

Work Experience

UNT Health Science CenterNovember 2018 – Present

Web Developer

Help build needed components for the UNT Health Science Center website, like a new redesign, a calendar system, etc.. Also helped faculty and staff create websites in the WordPress multisite network to help them with their classwork and/or day-to-day work. I also helped fix reported issues with the website.

Faith Growth Inc.July 2014 – November 2018


Started as a development intern and worked my way to junior developer. Worked on building websites for churches and other companies using the Genesis Framework with WordPress. Learned how to integrate plugins into site designs, writing code for other people to understand and understanding client’s needs and wants and transforming those into doable code. Designed the code specifically for easy transition third person support of the website once the development project has completed. Wrote case studies on completed projects to give to prospective clients to persuade them to pick our company.

Rio 2016 OlympicsAugust 2016


I was one of four students selected by the Moody College of Communications to travel to Rio de Janeiro and cover US athletes in their competitions and to provide technical editing support to the Rio 2016 Olympic website (

  • Wrote seven stories documenting US athletes performing in their competitions; Anders Weiss, rowing, Providence Journal; Louisa Chaffee, sailing, Providence Journal; Courtney and Kelley Hurley, fencing, San Antonio Express-News; Sarah Robles, weightlifting, Houston Chronicle; Evan Jager, steeplechase, Northwest Herald; Michael Hixon, diving, Daily Hampshire Gazette
  • Wrote a freelance article for VICE Sports documenting the celebration of Brazilians after the Brazil men’s soccer team beat Germany to win the gold medal and what it meant to the country.
  • Because the stories I wrote were in competitions that traditionally do not receive wide coverage, I researched details about the sport so that I could ask pertinent questions to the athletes documenting their achievements and the excitement of the competition.
  • Collaborated with support team to update the Rio 2016 Olympics website (English) with current news stories and photographs. Received stories from the Associated Press and Olympic News Service, reviewed and edited stories and researched thru a pool of photographs to associate with the story for publishing on the website.

The Daily TexanSeptember 2012 – May 2016

Sports Editor

  • Responsible for engineering and directing the newspaper’s general sports coverage and the content of the sports section.
  • Managing a team of 20 journalists, I make daily assignments to cover specific UT athletic events and work with the reporter to review their submissions to ensure stories are strong and informative.
  • After finalizing the sports articles I determine which stories are submitted to the Daily Texan newspaper, on average 12 per week.
  • To ensure the smooth operation of the sports department and the clarification of all assignments, I chair the weekly team status meetings.
  • Coached writing staff in improving their sports writing and reporting skills, resulting in less errors and better story reporting.

Associate Sports Editor, Senior Sports Editor

  • In addition to maintaining my own reporting schedule, I reviewed and edited articles submitted by team reporters to ensure correctness and accuracy prior to submitting for the newspaper.
  • So that the reader’s interest is pulled in to reading the article, I wrote the headlines, photo captions, and brief sports stories for the sidebar of the sports page. This resulted in bringing the reader’s attention to the larger story.
  • To ensure a high level of quality and appearance I reviewed the formatting of the sports page prior to sending it to be printed.

General Sports Reporter

  • Conducted post-game interviews and independent research resulting in authoring over 225 sports related articles for the Daily Texan including regular season and NCAA playoff competitions.
  • To engage followers of the individual sports, I provided live game updates through social media tools Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Westlake Picayune/Lake Travis ViewAugust 2014 – November 2015

Freelance Writer

Covered Lake Travis and Westlake High School sports wherever the sports editor needed me. I wrote 11 volleyball stories, four soccer stories and a swimming feature that got published in the Austin American Statesman. I kept track of my own stats to use in the game recaps.


University of Texas at AustinMay 2016

Bachelor of Journalism, Moody College of Communications

Elements of Computing Certificate

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