Find Your Way to a New Website

Creating a website for your small business can be a wild challenge. But this guide will give you a roadmap to a successful experience.

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Learn how to build a website that leads to success

Creating a website might seem like an easy task. After all, a lot of people have already done it. But creating a website that’s going to lead to success is a different story and a much longer process. The good news is that this process is pretty easy to learn. And when you’ve finished this guide, you’ll know exactly how to create a successful website.

What You'll Learn

1. Planning for your new website

Every website begins with a plan. We’ll go over how you can plan for your new website, from figuring out if you need a new website, to determining your budget to asking questions that can help you figure out what you truly want. We’ll create a plan that will set you up for success.

2. Finding an Agency or Developer

When you have your plan in place, it’s time to hire an agency/developer to build the website. There are so many choices, but making the right move here can be a big help on this project. Also, we’ll discuss whether you should build this website yourself.

3. Walking through the discovery process

Once you’ve signed a contract with the agency or developer, it’s time to start the discovery process. We’ll walk through what you can expect here and how you can help make it a smooth process.

4. Designing the new website

Once the agency or developer knows what you want with this website, it’s time for them to design it. This step is hands off for you, but we’ll go over what you can do during this part of the process to both not be in the way and also make sure the designs you see are what you want.

5. The development of the new website

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Once you’ve approved the designs, it’s time for a developer to turn them into a reality online. Again, this is hands off for you, but we’ll discuss what to look out for during this step so you end up with a website that you like and will help your business.

6. Creating content for the new website

Content is the heart and soul of any website. The problem is that it can get left to the last minute, and that helps no one. So we’ll discuss what you need for content and how you can make sure it’s ready for your new website.

7. One last final review of the website

Once the website has been developed and the content put into place, it’s time for one last review of the website before taking it live. We’ll go over what you should look for so that it’s perfect from the day you finally go live.

8. Launching your new website

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This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. It’s finally time to take your website live. We’ll discuss the things you can do to make sure your launch goes smoothly as it can and how to make sure the whole world knows.

9. Supporting your website in the years to come

Just because your website is launched, doesn’t mean you’re done with it yet. Websites need to be maintained and managed. We’ll discuss the ways you can do just that, from your web hosting to using Google Analytics and more.

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Learn more about Small Business Websites

There is a lot to learn about websites, digital marketing and everything that surrounds it. So take the time to learn more about each of them so that you can maintain and manage a website that’s going to help your business.