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Let's Maintain Your Site

Maintaining a website takes up your time. But it doesn’t have to.

Maintaining your website is vital. Securing your website is the utmost importance. And that requires you to make sure that your site is completely updated. And then there’s the constant worry that something might go wrong and you won’t be able to fix it. Plus there’s always that one change that you want to make to the site, but you have to take time to research how to make it.

So it’s no surprise that maintaining a website can also take up a lot of your time. And time is money. But it doesn’t have to. I can take care of your website, hosting it on WP Engine, running updates, fixing things if issues arise and making small changes you want to make. That leaves you with more time to run your small business, focus on your content on the site to help drive traffic or do other things.

Web Hosting on WP Engine

WP Engine is the premiere web hosting for WordPress out there. It’s built to run WordPress, and because of that it’s quick. It also has features such as content delivery networks and PHP 7, among other awesome things, that help your site load fast. WP Engine also takes nightly backups and backups on demand to help in case something goes terribly wrong. And it’s all very secure.

Updates and Help When Things Go Wrong

Updating WordPress core and plugins can be time consuming and a bit nerve racking. To truly make sure updates run smoothly and don’t break your site, you need to test them on a staging site. But not all web hosts offer that and the testing can be time consuming, especially when you’ve got other things to do. And updating straight on a live site opens you up to accidentally taking down a live site.

But with the web maintenance plan, you will never have to worry about WordPress or plugin updates again. I’ll go in every week, or immediately after WordPress releases a critical update, and update core and any plugins. I’ll make sure that everything runs smoothly and that your site remains great.

And when things inevitably go wrong, I’ll be able to go in and fix the problems to get the site back up and running. The best part? With this plan, it’s no extra cost to you.

Small Tweaks

It’s inevitable that you’re going to want something to be changed. That’s just how things go. You’re going to change the font for your business and want the website to be changed to match it. You’re going to change colors. You’re going to want to highlight one part of your story and move another part down. Everyone does it and it’s part of having a website.

But when you want to make changes, you have two options: learn how to do it yourself or hire someone else to do it. Fortunately, with this maintenance plan, you won’t need to do either. In addition to the hosting and updates, you also get 10 hours worth of changes to your site. These don’t rollover, but it’s perfect for when you need to make quick, small changes to make your site that much better. Or if you just need someone to add in ready-to-go content because you don’t have the time. Either way, you won’t need to worry about any changes you want to your site.


What You’ll Get

  • Web hosting on WP Engine
  • Weekly Updates
  • Fixes If Something Breaks
  • 10 Hours of Small Tweaks and Changes


$199 per month


$2000 per year

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