WordPress Website Care

Remove the technical worries of your website and focus on growing your business!

An effective WordPress website that helps your business grow needs many things. There are always security concerns, updates that need to run and minor changes that might need to be made. And that’s before we get to checking analytics, SEO performance and more.

That takes time to do. And it takes time away from you running your business. Don’t let it.

Let’s take care and maintain your website for you!

Available Plans

Great web hosting on WP Engine

A web host can make or break your website, especially with WordPress. But you won’t have to worry about that. Your website will be hosted on WP Engine with the top-of-the-line equipment. You won’t have to worry about down time or your web host hindering your site’s performance.

Weekly WordPress, Plugins and Theme Updates

One of the constant challenges with WordPress websites is managing all of the updates that occur on a near-daily basis. You won’t have to worry about that anymore. I’ll go in once a week to make any necessary updates as well as perform any security updates as needed. Plus, I’ll work to make sure the updates won’t break anything before making the updates. That’s peace of mind.

Emergency Care

Let’s be honest. At some point, something on your website is going to break. It happens to everyone. But you won’t have to worry if that happens to your site. I’ll go in and find and fix the problem for you. You just get to continue to focus on growing your business.

5 Hours/Month of Changes

You’re probably going to want a few changes to your website at some point. All websites are evolving and changing. And you won’t have to go far to get help in making those changes. You’ll get up to 5 hours a month of changes to your website — from changing out colors, images to widgets and simple blocks.

Security with Wordfence

Web security is a top priority these days — and it really should be, especially for any WordPress website out there. Your website will be protected by Wordfence, one of the top security plugins for WordPress on the market. You’ll get a firewall, scanner to check for weird changes in any files, the ability to repair files and much more. Simply put, bad actors will be completely kept away from your website.

Google Analytics

The best part about WordPress is the community around it. And you’ll get to join a community of fellow business and website owners. You can ask questions, answer questions and join the conversation with them. And you’ll have access to a wiki that will help you accomplish most anything you want to do with your website.

Daily Backups

When things go wrong with a website, one of the best things to have available is a full back up that can be restored to get things back online. And you’ll get just that. WP Engine takes daily back ups that include everything — from the files to the entire database. So if something happens with your website — and it will — your site will be put back as good as new quickly.

Google Search Console

Search engine optimization is vital for any website. And one way to track your website’s SEO is through Google Search Console. With this plan, you’ll get Search Console set up for your website so that you can see how your page is ranking in search results, what searches are leading to clicks and what pages are performing well and not so well. It’s the best tool for guiding your SEO efforts.

Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics is great, but Google Tag Manager takes it to the next level. This plan will include getting it set up on your website and setting up as many tags as you need. This means you can track how far down the page people are scrolling, whether or not their watching videos on your pages and what buttons and links people are hitting on your site. It adds another level of data so you can make decisions that move the meter for your website.

Google Analytics Reporting

In addition to getting Google Analytics set up on your website, this plan also includes custom reports that are sent to your inbox on a weekly or monthly basis. This means you can see a list of the top performing blog posts for a week. Or you can see the data for people who are visiting on your landing pages in the last month. Again, it’s another set of data to help guide your decisions.

10 Hours/Month of Changes

You’re probably going to want a few changes to your website at some point. All websites are evolving and changing. And you won’t have to go far to get help in making those changes. You’ll get up to 10 hours a month of changes to your website — from changing out colors, images to widgets and simple blocks.

WordPress Dev Email Updates

WordPress development is constant. If you were to look at the WordPress meeting schedule online, there are constant meetings and decisions being made. It can be a lot. With this plan, you’ll get email updates about what’s being decided, what’s coming in future versions and what it means for your website. You’ll be able to plan ahead of the game.

Content Planning

All of the data you collect with analytics only means something if you do something with it. So once a month, we can sit down, go through the data, figure out what content (blog posts, videos, resources, etc.) are working or not and then chart a content path for the next month. That way you can always be working to bring in the most customers through search, social media and other channels.

Testing with Early WP Versions

Sometimes the major WordPress updates can break things on websites. It’s always a concern website owners, but it won’t be for you. Your website will be tested with beta and release candidate versions of upcoming releases in the months before the official release. And any necessary changes will be planned for. When the official release comes, you’ll get all of the great new features and none of the worry.

15 Hours/Month of Changes

You’re probably going to want a few changes to your website at some point. All websites are evolving and changing. And you won’t have to go far to get help in making those changes. You’ll get up to 10 hours a month of changes to your website — from changing out colors, images to widgets and simple blocks.

A/B Testing

One thing about websites is that there’s always a lot of testing going on. And one of the most common things to do is A/B test things. This means trying to different things to see which one users prefer. With this plan, we’ll get you set up with Google Optimize so that you can try some A/B testing to see what things bring in the most customers.

Plan Pricing


$75 /MO

Hosting on WP Engine

Weekly Updates

Emergency Care

5 hours/month of changes

Security with Wordfence

Google Analytics


Daily Backups


$99 /MO

Everything from the Starter Plan

Google Search Console

Google Tag Manager

Analytics Reporting

10 hours/month of changes

On Step Ahead

$125 /MO

Everything from the Starter and Performance Plans

WordPress Dev Email Updates

Content Planning

Testing with Early WordPress Versions

A/B Testing

5 hours/month of changes

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take on websites you didn’t build?

Yes, I can take on any WordPress website regardless of who built it. Before I migrate it over to WP Engine, I’ll take a look through the website — both the content and the code — to familiarize myself with your website so I can quickly fix it if something goes wrong.

Will I have to move web hosts?

Yes, I very much prefer that all of the websites I manage are on WP Engine. They are a great web host that can help your website run quickly and have an extremely secure set of servers. You will want your website to be run on WP Engine’s hosting.

Do I have to do anything to migrate the website?

All you’ll need to do is a) make the initial payment and b) send me the credentials for your current web hosting (including FTP or SFTP credentials) and domain. We can discuss this more in detail during our discovery call.

How do I make payments?

I accept online payments. The specifics of how you can make payments will be discussed during the discovery call and onboarding process.

What happens if I no longer wish to be a part of the website care plan?

While I make every effort to make sure every website is shown the proper care, sometimes you might just want to move on to another web host. And that’s no problem. Just give me a heads up if you wish to move off of your plan and we will make arrangements to migrate your website to the new web host.

What will the Google Analytics report show me?

The Google Analytics report can show you just about anything you want. You can see what country people are visiting your website from, what’s the top content and more. Just ask and I can put it into the report.

What will happen if there’s an issue with the website?

Something will go wrong with your website. It just happens, especially if you have a website long enough. If you spot a problem with the website, you can open up a new task in the community portal (we can discuss this more in the discovery call) or reach out to me via email.

What will be included in the content planning service?

So each month I’ll jump into the analytics to see what’s going on with your website and what type of content is working and leading to conversions. Then we can have a conversation about what you should be doing. The conversation could be as simple as an email or a one-hour meeting. It’s up to you.

Why do you use Wordfence?

Wordfence is one of the top WordPress security plugins out there. They set up a firewall around your website and monitor it for different attacks. In addition to that, they have a wonderful blog and staff that actively do research on the ever-changing attack tactics. I trust my website with them, so I trust them with yours.

Organizers of WordCamp DFW psoing for a photo in front of a step and repeat

Join a Great Community

Roughly 34 percent of all websites use WordPress, according to W3Techs. That means that there are a lot of users out there that are a part of the WordPress community. And because of its open source nature, there are a lot of people who contribute and help out to the project. You’ll find local WordPress meetups and WordCamps where you can learn a lot about websites and meet fellow business owners as well as developers, designers and other professionals that can help you out. And help will never be more than a few clicks away. The WordPress community is a great group to be involved with!