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We, as humans, love to tell our stories. It’s essentially second nature to us. And with the rise of Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media, we love to tell our stories in a daily fashion. Quotidiano, Italian for daily, helps you do just that. Whether it’s a 100-day photo challenge, a 100-day fitness challenge, a regular old daily blog or anything in between, Quotidiano is the perfect WordPress theme to tell and display your story to the world.

If you have a problem updating the theme, try reactivating the theme from the Themes page in the WordPress admin.



Quotidiano is built on top of the new WordPress REST API, which is now inside of WordPress core. This allows the theme to quickly change states from the homepage to a single post to an archive page to a single page all without reloading scripts, styles and other things that can bog down a page during loading. What does this mean for you? It means that you and your readers can quickly navigate around your site with very minimal loading times. Your readers will spend less time waiting in frustration and more time enjoying your story.

Custom Header Video

New for WordPress 4.7 is an option to add a custom video header instead of a custom header image, and Quotidiano adds support for this cool new feature. Simply pick a video (preferably from YouTube) and place it into the “Header Media” section of the Customizer and watch the magic happen. Only about the middle portion of the video will be shown, so chose your video wisely. Also, be sure to select a custom header image as well as a fall back. The image will be shown on all archive pages while the video will display only on the homepage.

Social Media Links

Any theme worth its salt has basic social media integration, and Quotidiano is no different. Add links to your social media profiles in the theme options and they’ll pop up right below the header, right in view of your readers.

Color Themes

Want to get away from the basic, black styling of the theme but don’t know how to work css? Quotidiano makes it easy for you to find a color styling you like. This theme comes packaged with red, yellow, green, blue and purple color schemes, so you’re bound to find something you like. And WordPress 4.7’s new custom CSS feature allows you to customize the theme further with ease.

Featured Photos

As a daily blog theme, Quotidiano has a heavy focus on photos, from the single post headers to the layout of the home and archive pages. A lot of what we do as people is told through photos, and daily blogs are heavy on the photos. There’s no set size or ratio for featured photos in this theme; however, it’s advised that your photos be around 2000px and are the same ratio to each other so they look good when displayed as a grid.

Searchable 404 Page

Error 404 pages are the bane of any developer, site owner and reader, and sometimes it’s impossible to avoid. Quotidiano makes running into the 404 page a little bit better experience for readers. If a reader runs into that page, they’ll be able to navigate back to the homepage or use the search form on the page to look for the post they’re looking for and the results will pop up right there on the page.

Editor Styles

Quotidiano takes advantage of the editor stylesheet feature incorporated in WordPress core. Essentially, you can the style of your post (sans the background color) in the post editor before you even save it as a draft. This makes it easier for you to see what the post will look like and make quick changes easily.

Homepage for the Quotidiano WordPress theme


Single Post Template for the Quotidiano WordPress theme

Single Post Template

Page Template for the Quotidiano WordPress theme

Page Template

Archive Template for the Quotidiano WordPress theme

Archive Template

404 Template for the Quotidiano WordPress theme

404 Template

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Quotidiano is free for you to use and to change to fit your particular needs. If you enjoy this theme and would like to support more WordPress themes and plugins like it, please consider making a donation. Thank you very much in advance!


If you like this item, please consider giving a donation to support other WordPress themes and plugins like this. Thank you!


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Take a Look at Quotidiano

Want to see how Quotidiano works with actual content before deciding to download and use it on your own website? Click the link below to view the Quotidiano theme demo.

View Theme Demo

How To's


Manual Install

  • Download the file from the theme page or the zip file from GitHub.
  • In the WordPress Admin area, go to Appearance > Themes > Add Themes > Upload Themes.
  • Upload the theme zip file that you’ve downloaded.
  • Make sure the theme directory name is ‘quotidiano’.
  • Once the theme is uploaded, click the ‘Activate’ link.

Setting Up the Theme

Quotidiano is pretty easy to set up. Like any theme in the WordPress theme directory, it can basically run right out of the box. But here are a few tips to set up your theme just right:

  1. Set up your top menu by going to the “Menus” page in the admin area. Quotidiano supports one menu at the top of the page. Based on the design, it’s suggested to keep the top level menu items to a minimum.
  2. Add a custom header video or image by adding it in the “Header Media” section of the Customizer.
  3. Set up the theme options in the the “Quotidiano Options” section of the Customizer. Here, you can change the color theme, allow or disallow non-logged in users to submit comments (this is different from the option in the WordPress settings) and add links to your social media profile.
  4. That’s it! You’re ready to start blogging!

Get In Contact

If you have a question, need to report a bug to be fixed or have a feature request for a future version, email me at jacob.martella@att.net or fill out the form below.

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