Why cheap hosting isn’t going to help your online store

So you’ve decided that you want to build an ecommerce store to sell products online.

What are you going to do about web host?

There are so many options out there and when you’re shopping around, it can be tempting to solely use the price as the determining factor. Lowest price wins your purchase.

But if you are going to be selling online, that cheap host you found might not be worth what you end up paying. And going for a more premium host might end up being your best bet.

Cheap hosting means cheap service

As they saying goes, you get what you pay for. And it’s no different when you’re dealing with web hosting.

With the cheaper web hosts, you’re not going to get all of the features that you might with a more premium host. Yes, you’ll likely get the typical CPannel, file manager, PHP, MySQL, FTP, etc., but don’t expect too much more than that.

You likely wouldn’t get automatic daily backups, built-in caching to help your website’s speed, . Sure, your website can run without those features. But again, if you’re wanting to do more with your website, you will end up needing premium hosting.

Also, in my experience, cheaper hosts tend to experience more downtime than premium hosts. The servers at the cheaper hosts aren’t quite what they are elsewhere. And when your website is down, it’s not helping your business.

Also, good luck with customer service.

Security risks

Also, there are security risks that come with using a cheap web host. Again, being cheap means not having all of the features that might be more standard on premium web hosts.

And that goes for security, which should always be at the top of your mind if you’re selling online. Security breaches will make your life a living nightmare, and most of the cheap hosts don’t have all of the protections that a more premium host will.

The main issue is that a lot of times with these types of hosts, some of the sites are stored uncontained on the same server. That means that, while you might have locked down the site to outside attacks the best you can, someone else’s website on the same server might not. And then a bad actor can get into that site and work their way into your site, no matter your defenses.

That’s not good at all. A breach will mean taking time and money away from your business, and it will likely end up costing you more than if you just paid for the premium hosting.

Don’t take the risk.

Let’s Keep Your Story Online

Creating a new website can be a challenge. But keep it up and running efficiently can be a challenge. You have to make sure things are updated and running smoothly because if your site is down, no one can find or read your story. But I can help make sure that’s never a problem for your business.

Let’s Come Up With A Plan to Maintain Your Site

Premium-type hosting gets premium service

Finally, to circle back to the old adage above, premium hosting might cost more, but you’re also going to get a lot more back in return.

For example, with WP Engine I get daily backups, ability to make code changes through Git, SSH gateways, caching and a lot more. And sure, some of those are more developer-focused tools that you might not care or know about. But it goes to show that these web hosts care about your experience and your website. They’re willing to go that extra mile.

Plus, I’ve rarely had any downtime with WP Engine and I’ve never been that concerned with security. It really doesn’t get much better than that. And it’s worth paying a little bit more for the hosting. And they’re not the only ones who do that.

So if you’ve decided that you are going to build an ecommerce store to sell products, make sure you go for premium web hosts like Bluehost, GoDaddy, WP Engine, Kinsta, Liquid Web and the like. It might cost more out of the box, but it’s going to be a massive help in the long run.

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