Semplice Monospazio

Semplice Monospazio is the perfect block theme for any tech-based blog. The simple design and monospace font make it a great theme to use for your blog about all things tech — from web development, software code and more. Plus, the theme takes full advantage of full site editing in WordPress, meaning you can customize all of the templates to match your personal style. You can do just about anything you want with this theme.

Screenshot of the archive page for the Semplice Monospazio WordPress theme


Full Site Editing Enabled

Semplice Monospazio takes full advantage of the new full site editing features in WordPress. You can adjust any of the templates as well as the header, footer and sidebar and switch between color schemes or create your own in the editor itself. No code required.

Various Color Schemes

The theme starts out with a basic black-and-white color scheme by default, but you can choose between six color schemes or the dark mode scheme or create your own schema in the full site editor. Set the colors to match your branding and create your own unique blog.

Block Patterns

The theme also comes with a number of block patterns you can use on your website. Add in a callout section to highlight a page you want people to go to. Or add in a featured section that has a photo column and a text column. And the query block patterns can help you change the look of the archive templates.

One or Two Columns

By default Semplice Monospazio comes with a single column layout. However, you can adjust this to have a right sidebar for a specific post or page, or add in universally for all pages and posts and various templates, like the archive or category templates.

What It Looks Like

Get Semplice Monospazio Installed and Set Up for You

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