Content is the foundation of any website on the internet. Yes, great designs attract eyeballs, but what gets people to stay and convert is the content that’s on the page. With none of that substance, people won’t stay on your site very long. And they might not comeback.

So it’s extremely important that you make sure your content is up to snuff. Whether it’s just copy for your about page or weekly blog posts, your content needs to be compelling to get people to comeback and ultimately convert into customers.

But, that might be a challenge for you. Writing might not be your strong suit. And that’s okay. This page will help you with that. You’ll find blog posts, resources (internal and external) and people and websites to follow to help you learn how to craft great content.

Because content is going to be the lifeblood of your website.

Let’s Tell Your Story

Every person and business has a story. Why did you start the business? How have you helped customers succeed? What have you done in the community? You have a lot of options for how to tell the stories of your business from copywriting to other text stories to photos and videos. Let’s find the best way to create content for your website to tell your business’ story.

Let’s Create Content for Your Business