Website Accessibility

Website accessibility is no longer an optional feature. It is a requirement for being on the internet today. If the recent Supreme Court decision to not take up Domino’s appeal in an accessibility lawsuit is anything to go by, you need to be making your website accessible.

But what does being accessible entail? It’s make sure people who use something other than a mouse can use your website the same way mouse users can. It’s making sure people can see the words because you have the right color contrast. And it’s making sure images have descriptive alternative text.

That seems like a lot. And it can feel so overwhelming when you start looking into it. We’ve all been there. But once you sit down and start to learn and start to fix some of the errors, it will all start to make sense.

This page will give you blog posts, videos, resources (external and internal) and people and websites that can help you learn web accessibility. And then you can begin to work to make your website accessible.

Because everyone — everyone — should be able to use your website no matter what technology they use to browse the web. Accessibility matters.

Make Your Website Accessible

Your website needs to be accessible for all people. But accessibility can be challenging, especially if there are issues with the code itself. If a previous developer didn’t code things correctly, it can be a mess to clean it up. If you’re serious about making your website accessible for all people, but need help getting to code to be compliant, I can help you cross that accessibility finish line.

Let’s Make Your Website Accessible