Understanding Google Website Tools

Google has a suite of great tools that you can use on your website for free to track analytics, see how your SEO is going, testing page speed and so much more. In this journey, you’ll learn more about these tools and how you can use them on your website to make it more effective.

Get Google Tools Installed For You

Want to use Google tools but aren’t sure where to begin or don’t want to deal with setting it all up? No problem! Sign up for one of the WordPress website care plans and get Google Analytics set up for you. Sign up for the Performance Plan and you’ll get custom analytics reports, Google Search Console and Tag Manager set up and so much more. So take your analytics to the next level today!

Start Tracking Analytics Today!
Google Analytics dashboard on a laptop screen sitting on a black desk next to an open notebook

Getting started with Google Analytics

You've probably heard about Google Analytics. But maybe you haven't had the time to look into it. Well, now's as good as time as any. We take a look at what it is, how it can help your business and website and how to get it up on your website.