• Tracking your SEO efforts

    Tracking your SEO efforts

    Finally, our last step in the SEO process is to track our efforts. After all, you’re going to want to see if what you’re doing is actually working or if you need to go back to the drawing board. So today, let’s go over some of the tracking tools — spoiler alert: it’s Google Analytics…

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  • Sitemaps in SEO

    Sitemaps in SEO

    Something that you’re likely to come across in researching SEO is sitemaps. Sitemaps aren’t the biggest part of SEO, and you’ll want to focus your efforts on other aspects first. But they are crucial for getting search engines to index your website and show your pages in searches.

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  • How linking affects SEO

    How linking affects SEO

    The main way that search engine crawlers get from web page to web page is through links. And it’s a way for them to figure out a website’s popularity. So if your website is linked to in a lot of places, the search engines are going to think your website is popular and rank it…

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  • Keywords and SEO

    Keywords and SEO

    When you go to Google to search for something, what do you put in? You put in keywords. So when you’re working on your SEO for your website, your content needs to be focused on keywords that your target market is searching for and trying to rank for them. So let’s talk more about keywords,…

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  • How your code affects your SEO

    How your code affects your SEO

    Before you can really start to work on your SEO, you first need to make sure your website’s code is built and ready for it. Why does this matter? Search engine crawlers don’t see the page the way you and I do. They just see the code underneath. And they use that code to correctly…

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  • Introduction to SEO

    Introduction to SEO

    Where does most of your website traffic come from? Without looking at your data, I can tell you the answer. It’s search engines. And search engine optimization helps you get more clicks from search results. So let’s take a look at what SEO is.

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