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Every small business has a story. How and why did you get started in your particular business? How has the business grown? How have you helped customers? What are you doing in the community? And today’s technology makes it easy to share that story with a website. So whether it’s building a completely new website,…

Everyone has a story to tell.

How did you get into your business? Why did you start your business? How have you helped customers? What are your doing in the community? What have you learned from your business?

The answers to these questions help craft your business’ narrative — your story.

The internet has made it easier to tell that story to a worldwide audience. But it has to be done right to be effective.

That’s where I can help. I love storytelling, and I love finding ways to tell stories online. From graphics to videos to photos to content to the layout, I love figuring out how we can tell stories through a website.

Whether it’s a new website, hosting and managing a website, creating photo or video stories or just using plain old words, I want to help tell your story.

Because your story can set you apart. It’s what makes you authentic, appealing to local audiences and stick out from the crowd.

You’ve got a story to tell. So let’s find a way to share it online.

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