New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year to you and your family! Now that the ball has been dropped, the champagne all gone and the fireworks exploded, it’s time to take in that great tradition we do after the calendar flips — making resolutions for the new year and then failing to do them.

We fail at our resolutions because we make up random, slightly unobtainable goals on the spot without much thought about how we’re going to accomplish said goals. So today I’ll go over ways to make your resolutions much more successful, and I’ll reveal my goals for 2018.



  • 0:39 — Make it a Road Map
  • 1:16 — Make Your Goals General
  • 2:00 — Don't Make Them All Due at the End of the Year
  • 2:31 — Pick One Area to Focus On
  • 3:06 — Don't Beat Yourself Up for not Finishing Goals
  • 3:34 — Start a YouTube Channel on Web Development
  • 4:17 — Continue to Learn JavaScript Frameworks
  • 4:41 — Become a Better Web Designer
  • 5:10 — Continue to Learn the WP REST API
  • 5:42 — Learn WooCommerce

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