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Fotographia is the perfect place to house your photo site. Based off Foundation and the JointsWP theme is designed with photo stories and long-form stories in mind. It has great support for large, full-width photos to show off your photos in stunning detail. The theme is also responsive, so your readers can take your stories where ever they go with no effort from you.


Large Front Page Images

The front page is a great spot to show off your work and Fotographia does that for you. Display five posts in a full-width section that gives your readers a great glimpse into your work.

Social Media Links

Direct your readers to your social media sites. Fill out the links in the theme options part of the Customizer and the images for the specific social media sites will show up in the header.


Fotographia is designed with responsiveness in mind. Your site will look good whether it’s on a large desktop or on someone’s smart phone, and you won’t have to worry about.

Full-Width Images

Designed with photo stories in mind, Fotographia essentially requires large featured images, as regular images you include in your posts. It’s best to make sure that all images are at least 2000px wide and the recommended ratio is 2:1, although it’s not required. To get images in the posts to be the full-width of the screen, set the image alignment to ‘none.’

Post Navigation

Users will be able to navigate between posts easily with previous and next post links at the bottom of each post.

Post Preview Slideshow

Readers will get to see the different photos included in each post when they hover over the story link in the home page or in one of the archive pages.

Custom Header

Add your branding to the site with a custom header. Upload the header in the Customizer. The largest the custom header can be in 200px by 50px.

Custom Background

Add your own flair to the background of your site with a custom background. The recommended practice is to use a solid color background, but a photo background works as well.

Homepage for the Fotographia WordPress theme


Single Post Template for the Fotographia WordPress theme

Single Post Template

Page Template for the Fotographia WordPress theme

Page Template

Archive Template for the Fotographia WordPress theme

Archive Template

Author Template for the Fotographia WordPress theme

Author Template

Download Fotographia Today!

Like what you see so far? Download this right now and get started!


Fotographia is free for you to use and to change to fit your particular needs. If you enjoy this theme and would like to support more WordPress plugins and themes like it, please consider making a donation. Thank you very much in advance!


If you like this item, please consider giving a donation to support other WordPress themes and plugins like this. Thank you!


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Take a Look at Fotographia

Want to see how Fotographia works with actual content before deciding to download and use it on your own website? Click the link below to view the Fotographia theme demo.

View Theme Demo

How To's


Via WordPress Admin

  • From your sites admin, go to Themes > Install Themes.
  • In the search box, type ‘Fotographia’ and press enter.
  • Locate the entry for ‘Fotographia’ (there should be only one) and click the ‘Install’ link.
  • When installation is finished, click the ‘Activate’ link.

Manual Install

  • Download the file from the theme page.
  • Unzip the file.
  • Using an FTP client (I recommend FireZilla), upload the ‘fotographia’ file to your WordPress theme folder. Make sure the
  • file you upload simply says ‘fotographia’ with no numbers after it. Otherwise, it won’t work.
  • Go into your WordPress Admin, navigate to ‘Appearance > Themes’.
  • Find the Fotographia listing on this page and click ‘Activate’.

Get In Contact

If you have a question, need to report a bug to be fixed or have a feature request for a future version, email me at or fill out the form below.

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