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Nuovo gives the user almost complete control over the look and feel of his or her website. Users can select the color theme they want, what posts they want to show up in the homepage slider as well as in four separate areas on the homepage and can display the social media links they want in the header — all from the Customizer. Nuovo is also responsive, making it look good on any device with no extra work required.


Customizable Homepage

One of the biggest features that Nuovo has is a customizable homepage. Users can select what category shows up in the featured post slider as well as how many posts are shown. The recommended practice is to create a top story or featured category and use that to control which exact posts show up in the slider. Also, users can select up to four categories that show up on the homepage underneath the slider. The number of posts in each section can be any number, but for the best look, it’s recommended that the number of posts be a multiple of three.


As with all modern themes these days, Nuovo is completely responsive. This means that the user’s site will look good on all devices with no work from the user required.

Editor Styles

Know how your post is going to look before you actually publish it with editor styles. In the post editor, all of the fonts, html tags and images will be styled exactly like they will on the website.


Nuovo is very dependent on featured photos and it’s recommended that every post have a featured photo. For the best results, featured photos need to be at least 630px by 315px. Even better are featured photos that are larger than that and maintain the 2:1 ratio.

Normal photos that are in the body of the post need to be no bigger than 280px for best results on small screen sizes.


Nuovo comes with two menu areas, plus a mobile menu on smaller screen sizes. The top menu is optional and can be either shown or hidden via the ‘General Settings’ area of the Customizer. When set to be displayed, the top menu shows right above the header, as the name implies. The main menu is always shown and is displayed between the header and the main area on the page. The mobile menu displays on screen sizes smaller than 700px and shows both menus (though it will not display the top menu if it’s hidden).

Custom Header

Nuovo also supports a custom header to be shown instead of the site title and description if the user wishes. The best size for the header is 530px by 150px.

Custom Background

Finally, Nuovo supports a custom background that can either be a photo or color background. Do note that backgrounds, particualry photo backgrounds do not scroll down the page on tablets or mobile devices as they do on a desktop browser.

Single Post Navigation

It’s now easier for your readers to move between posts with single post navigation beneath each post.

Homepage Template for the Nuovo WordPress template


Single Page Template for the Nuovo WordPress template

Single Page Template

Archive Template for the Nuovo WordPress template

Archive Template

Author Template for the Nuovo WordPress template

Author Template

Page Template for the Nuovo WordPress template

Page Template

General Theme Settings

General Theme Settings

Homepage settings for the Nuovo WordPress template

Homepage Settings

Download Nuovo Today!

Like what you see so far? Download this right now and get started!


Nuovo is free for you to use and to change to fit your particular needs. If you enjoy this theme and would like to support more WordPress themes and plugins like it, please consider making a donation. Thank you very much in advance!


If you like this item, please consider giving a donation to support other WordPress themes and plugins like this. Thank you!


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Take a Look at Nuovo

Want to see how Nuovo works with actual content before deciding to download and use it on your own website? Click the link below to view the Nuovo theme demo.

View Theme Demo

How To's


Via WordPress Admin

  • From your sites admin, go to Themes > Install Themes.
  • In the search box, type ‘Nuovo’ and press enter.
  • Locate the entry for ‘Nuovo’ (there should be only one) and click the ‘Install’ link.
  • When installation is finished, click the ‘Activate’ link.

Manual Install

  • Download the file from the theme page.
  • Unzip the file.
  • Using an FTP client (I recommend FireZilla), upload the ‘nuovo’ file to your WordPress theme folder. Make sure the file you upload simply says ‘Nuovo’ with no numbers after it. Otherwise, it won’t work.
  • Go into your WordPress Admin, navigate to ‘Appearance > Themes’.
  • Find the Giornalismo listing on this page and click ‘Activate’.

Setting Up a Child Theme

When customizing a theme, the best practice is to create a child theme. This way, when you update the parent theme, all of your changes will still remain intact. Creating a child theme is very simple if you use the steps below.

  • Using your preferred FTP client, navigate to the “themes” directy inside the “wp-content” directory and create a directory titled “nuovo-child”.
  • Once there, create a style.css file and add the following lines of code in there and save.
    Theme Name: Nuovo Child
    Description: Child theme for Nuovo theme
    Author: <your name> 
    Template: nuovo
  • Then create a functions.php file and add the following code and save.
    <?php function nuovo_child_theme_styles() {
            wp_enqueue_style( 'child-theme-css', get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/style.css' );
    add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'nuovo_child_theme_styl

Get In Contact

If you find something wrong with the theme, please email me, send me a tweet or use the form below and I’ll find a fix as soon as possible.

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