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YouTube is a great place to upload your videos, but a not-so-great place if you want a customizable vlog. VideoPlace provides you with just that. This theme allows you the flexibility of being able to customize the look of your vlog, while keeping the look and feel of you videos similar to that of YouTube. Happy vlogging!


Pulled-Out Videos

VideoPlace features great support for displaying your videos. Simply place the YouTube, Vimeo or other embedded video link into the post and VideoPlace puts it in all of the necessary places to give your videos the treatment they deserve.


VideoPlace supports one main menu displayed under the header that you can customize.

Custom Header

Put your mark on your website with a custom header. The maximum size for the header is 1000px by 250px but smaller headers will work with no issues.

Custom Background

Go further with customizing the look of your website with a custom background. For maximum readability, a solid, dark-ish color works best.

Related Videos

Your viewers will easily be able to go between posts with a related posts section below the comments, similar to that of YouTube. And the best part, you don’t have to do anything to make it happen.

Site Logo Support

Since WordPress 4.3, users have been able to add a site logo for their website. VideoPlace takes advantage of that by pulling that site logo, if you have one, and putting it in the footer. Go to Customize > Site Identity to upload your logo.

Two Footer Widgets Area

Also in the footer are two widget areas, perfectly set up for a custom menu and other widgets that you may want use.

Excerpt Support

VideoPlace extensively uses the excerpt feature of WordPress, which should act as a short description of the video. You can add an excerpt at the bottom of the post editor. If it’s not there, go to ‘Screen Options’ and make sure ‘Excerpt’ is selected.

Homepage Template for the VideoPlace WordPress theme


Single Post Template for the VideoPlace WordPress theme

Single Post Template

Archive Template for the VideoPlace WordPress theme

Archive Template

Page Template for the VideoPlace WordPress theme

Page Template

Download VideoPlace Today!

Like what you see so far? Download this right now and get started!


VideoPlace is free for you to use and to change to fit your particular needs. If you enjoy this theme and would like to support more WordPress themes and plugins like it, please consider making a donation. Thank you very much in advance!


If you like this item, please consider giving a donation to support other WordPress themes and plugins like this. Thank you!


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Take a Look at VideoPlace

Want to see how VideoPlace works with actual content before deciding to download and use it on your own website? Click the link below to view the VideoPlace theme demo.

View Theme Demo

How To's


Via WordPress Admin

  • From your sites admin, go to Themes > Install Themes.
  • In the search box, type ‘VideoPlace’ and press enter.
  • Locate the entry for ‘VideoPlace’ (there should be only one) and click the ‘Install’ link.
  • When installation is finished, click the ‘Activate’ link.

Manual Install

  • Download the file from the theme page.
  • In the WordPress Admin area, go to Appearance > Themes > Add Themes > Upload Themes.
  • Upload the theme zip file that you’ve downloaded.
  • Once the theme is uploaded, click the ‘Activate’ link.

Making Your First Post

Setting up your first post might be a little bit interesting, compared to other themes. If you are confused, follow the steps below to maximize the post possibilities.

  • Like any typical post, give the post a title and write the post in the post editor.
  • Copy the video link and place it anywhere in the story (although putting at the top is the easiest).
  • Give the post an excerpt. If you don’t see the excerpt box below the post editor, go to ‘Screen Options’ and make sure ‘Excerpt’ is selected. Make sure it’s around 150 to 200 characters.
  • Put some tags on the post. This helps when finding related videos.
  • Because the video shows up instead of a featured photo, you don’t have to worry about adding one to the post.

Setting Up a Child Theme

When customizing a theme, the best practice is to create a child theme. This way, when you update the parent theme, all of your changes will still remain intact. Creating a child theme is very simple if you use the steps below.

  • Using your preferred FTP client, navigate to the “themes” directory inside the “wp-content” directory and create a directory titled “videoplace-child”.
  • Once there, create a style.css file and add the following lines of code in there and save.
    Theme Name: VideoPlace Child
    Description: Child theme for VideoPlace theme
    Template: videoplace
  • Then create a functions.php file and add the following code and save.


Get In Contact

If you have a question, need to report a bug to be fixed or have a feature request for a future version, email me at or fill out the form below.

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