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The importance of staying up-to-date with web, tech news


You’re a busy person as a business owner. You’ve got a business to run, deals to make, customers to serve and a family to care for. There’s not a lot of time to stay up-to-date with web and tech news.

But when you have a website for your business, you really do need to stay up with the latest web news.

The web is an ever-changing thing. Technologies change. Search engines change how they rank websites. Web hosting companies come and go. Security risks come and go. And those have a drastic impact on your website and every other one out here.

So here’s why you should be staying up-to-date with web and tech news to help your website.

Need to know what’s going on

So Google will be/is requiring all websites to use HTTPS by penalizing HTTP only sites in SEO and Google Chrome. Did you know that before reading this post? If not, that is the problem we need to fix.

It is incredibly important to know what is going on. You need to know the big stories in the world today. You need to know the most up-to-date information in your area for your small business. And you do need to keep up with web and tech information so you can make good decisions for your website.

This is doubly important if you’re hosting the website yourself and making all of the updates, fixes, etc. You don’t really have a developer to fall back so you’re not caught off guard like this thing with Google and HTTPS. If you don’t and didn’t know about the HTTPS thing, your site might have been caught out and lost business as a result.

You might not need to know the small stuff, but you sure as heck need to know when something big is coming.

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Let’s Get Started on Telling Your Story With a Website

Knowing latest info, trends can keep website up

Like I mentioned in the last section, staying up with the latest web news can keep your website up and running, especially if you’re managing the site yourself. One change somewhere along the way in the website retrieving process can have a drastic change on your website.

And keeping your website up is priority number one as a small business owner (or any business owner really). It’s how people find you and ultimately how you make money.

But if something related to the web goes under the radar for you? What if you miss something that could have a big effect on your website.

For example, what if you didn’t see that Google and HTTPS story? What if when that update came and visitors to your site saw the error saying your site wasn’t secure? How many people would leave for another business to search for or buy from? How much money would you lose?

That is the importance of staying up-to-date with the web news. In one way or another, it’s going to keep your website up and running.

Don’t need to follow religiously, but keep an eye on things

Now, you don’t necessarily need to follow tech and web news religiously. I’m sure you read trade magazines for your particular area. Those really probably are your priority. 

But you definitely should carve out some time during the week to stay up-to-date. Find tech websites that you like and trust. I’ve found that WP Tavern focuses a lot on WordPress news and news about the web in general. Other great places to start are TechCrunch and Mashable.

Also, consider curating a list of people on social media that you trust for web and tech stuff. Then you’ll have an easy feed to read through so that you’re staying in the know.

But it is important to stay literate in web news. It’s probably not the most important thing right now, but it can really help you avoid problems down the road. Plus, it can be a nice break from the rest of your business.

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