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JM Breaking News updated to version 2.1

After almost two years, the JM Breaking News WordPress plugin has been updated to version 2.1.

This update primarily focuses on the block. I’ve rewritten the entire block to use the block.json file and the new tools we have for block development.

Up until this point, the block was basically the same code-wise as it was when I built in back in 2018 in the early days of Gutenberg and the block editor. Now it’s up to where we are with blocks here in 2023.

I also went ahead and tested it with the site editor, and it works. Now you can add in the block in the site editor to any template you want and it will show up if there is a usable breaking news item.

I’m also hoping to update all of the blocks each quarter, so you can expect the next update in April. This one will hopefully bring more customizations, like making it easier to make the colors match your site and customize the fonts you can use for the block.

JM Breaking News logo

JM Breaking News

JM Breaking News The JM Breaking News Plugin allows you to display a breaking news banner with custom text and a custom link for as long as you want anywhere on the site. Features Share breaking news with your readers Are you a news organization or focus on local news and information? Then you’ll love […]

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