Everybody once to shop online these days. According to Kinsta, online sales totaled $2.3 trillion in 2017. And that number is only expected to rise in the coming years as ecommerce grows.

So it’s no surprise that so many small businesses are looking to create online stores on their websites to sell their products to a wider audience. You’re probably in the same boat. And that’s fantastic.

But not everything is as rosy as it might seem. Lying behind the promising facade of increased sales, there’s a lot of work that goes into running an online store.

What platform are you going to use? If you’re using WordPress for your website, do you use WooCommerce or something else? Who’s in charge of the store? Who is going to fulfill the online orders? How are you going to get the products to the customers?

See, there are a lot questions that have to be answered before you jump right into the wall that is online selling. You have to look before you leap.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Obviously, if other people are doing it, so can you. But it has to be done correctly in order for it to be successful.

This page is here to give you the resources you need to build an online store for your business. You’ll find blog posts, videos, resources (internal and external) and people and websites to follow that will help you turn your ecommerce dream into a reality.

After all, more people are buying products online. And you need to move to where the customers are.

Let’s Build Your Online Store

There are a lot of moving parts to any online store, especially with the underlying code. And that might seem a little bit worrisome. But don’t worry. I can work with you to make sure you have an ecommerce website that works for your business. We’ll get you set up with a WordPress website running WooCommerce with either a prebuilt theme or a completely custom solution. You’ll only need to worry about one thing: running your business.

Let’s Create Your Online Store