What I Do With WordPress

WordPress is what I primarily work with for creating and managing websites. Here’s everything I’ve done with WordPress.

A person wearing a WordPress t-shirt standing at a desk and working on a computer

Experienced WordPress Developer

I’ve been working with WordPress as a web developer since 2012. In that time, I’ve learned a lot and done a lot with the content management system. I have a great understanding of how it works and how to use it to create great websites for clients.

So whether you’re just looking for a quick website build, custom website design using WordPress, or a product that can help you create the website you want using WordPress’ new site editing features, you can find all of that here!

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Crosswinds Framework

Upgrade Your WordPress Site Editing Experience With the Crosswinds Framework

With WordPress, you can now edit your entire website right from the dashboard. And the Crosswinds Framework adds to the site editing features to give you an even better website-building experience. From blocks to help you create amazing designs, a base theme that allows you to customize everything to child themes that can help you create an unique website in minutes, you’ll be able to do it all without needing to write any code!

Screenshots of the homepages from the Crosswinds Framework child theme demo sites
Screenshot of pages from the Code Review demo sites
Screenshots of project pages on the Agency Anchor demo sites
Screenshots of the home pages from the Local Services demo sites

WordPress Development

Let’s Build Something with WordPress

Creating a website for your business, organization or even just yourself is a pretty big undertaking. There are things to plan, designs to create, making the designs come to life and so much more.

So whether you just need a quick and affordable website to get your business online in a week or want to create the website of your dreams with WordPress, I would love to help you accomplish your goal.

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A row of computer servers
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a person pulling on wires from a server stack

WordPress Website Care

Take Care of Your WordPress Website

WordPress websites require a lot of work to properly manage them. There are always updates that need to be run, security risks to stay ahead of and accessibility to work on. And that’s before we get into things like performance optimization, SEO, analytics and the like.

The WordPress Website Care plans can take care of all of these things for you. Offload the mundane tasks like updates, security and accessibility, get help with your website’s performance and SEO and even help manage your online store. That frees you up to be able to run and grow your business!

WordPress Community

Being a Part of a Great Community

The one thing that makes WordPress stand out from the crowd of other online tools is the community around it. While yes, there are certainly problems within the community, the people I’ve met with WordPress have been amazing mentors, guides and, above all, friends. I’ve enjoyed being a part of this community, including creating free plugins and themes for the respective repositories and helping to organize a local WordPress meetup and WordCamp!

Organizers of WordCamp 2017