How to Add Alternative Text to Your Images

If you’re on the web — whether it’s with a website or even on social media — you’re probably going to be sharing lots of images. But did you know about something extremely important with images … alternative text? Alt text is the text that shows up when an image fails to load. But it’s…

Hey there and welcome back. So if you’re online and you are sharing photos, whether they’re photos on social media or your own website or your business website, one thing that you need to make sure that you’re doing is adding alternative text to your images.

What’s alternative text? Alternative text is basically the text that shows up with an image if it doesn’t load. And more importantly, screen readers use this text to describe the image to their user who may not be able to see the image.

So really, adding alternative text is a big thing for accessibility. And the good news is that’s pretty easy. So I have a WordPress site right here and we’re going to come in here and we’re just going to upload this image.

And then to add alternative text in WordPress, we come over here, we open the image and we have the spot alternative text over here, and we’re just going to basically describe the image.

So we have you don’t have to describe every little detail of the image, although it can help a little bit, but you really just want to be succinct with what you’re saying here. So this would help someone who might be blind to really understand what the image is on the screen. Now, obviously, this is just WordPress.

You can do it in HTML. It’s pretty easy for the image element. You just add an alt attribution. And on social media, you’re probably going to be sharing images and I’ve seen that Facebook, Twitter, Mastodon, Tumblr, all the major social media sites finally, finally, finally have an alternative text support. So just make sure whenever you’re uploading images to your website or to your social media profiles, make sure that you’re using alternative text so that everybody can understand what the image is that you’re sharing.

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