How to Edit Colors in the WordPress Site Editor

Full site editing allows you to customize your entire website. But how can you edit the colors used on your website to match your personal or business branding in one spot? Here’s exactly how you can do that, and it’s so much easier than you think it is.

Hey there and welcome back. As you know, theme authors now have the ability to add in their own style variations to their theme. And we can see that here in the TwentyTwenty Three theme. If we go in here styles and browse styles, and then we can select from any one of these styles. But if you have a personal website or a business website, you probably would have your own branding with your own colors in there.

And the good news is that there’s a way to do it. I haven’t seen a whole lot people talk about it, but it’s really, really cool. So to do that, you have to come in here to the site editor. Hit the Styles tab up here, come down the colors, select palette and then hit edit colors next to theme.

And here we can edit all the colors for the TwentyTwenty Three theme. We have base, contrast, primary, secondary, tertiary, and you just click here and you can customize all of this and you can see it’s changing our text color. Maybe for the background we want for this green color, whatever you want it to be. It’s super easy, super simple.

You can also use the hexadecimal code, RGB, HSL, whatever, just to make sure that the colors on your website are correct to your branding. And it’s all quick and easy as you saw. To see more WordPress tips as well as see videos about WordPress, ecommerce, digital marketing, web design, other website related topics, be sure to hit the subscribe button and to ring the bell for notifications. But until next time, happy WordPressing!

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