What is a Website Header?


Anatomy of a Website


Web Design, websites


January 3, 2022


  • 0:00 — Intro
  • 0:45 — Channel Update
  • 2:09 — Anatomy of a Website
  • 2:57 — What is a website header?
  • 4:34 — Elements of a header
  • 6:57 — What makes for a good website header?
  • 7:55 — What makes for a bad website header?
  • 9:14 — How you can apply this to your website
  • 10:37 — Outro

What is makes up a website? No, I’m not talking about the HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and the like. Instead, I’m talking about the elements that you see on the page. You know, the header, footer, homepage, contact pages and all of that. Let’s take a look at each of those elements. Today we’re starting this series by talking about the header. We’ll break down what it is, what elements make up the header and why it’s so important for your website. We’ll also discuss what makes up a good header and a bad header and what you can apply to your website today!

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