WordPress is far and away the most popular content management systems on the web today. According to W3Techs, almost 35 percent of websites use WordPress. So it’s no surprise that if you’re looking to create a website, you’re going to likely end up using WordPress.

That being said, WordPress can be a bit complicated. Yes, the initial set up and basic running of the CMS is pretty easy. After all, there’s a reason it has that high of a usage rate. But like anything, if it’s going to be effective for your business, there’s a learning curve that you’re going to have to master.

You’re going to have to know how to update WordPress core, plugins and themes (or have someone do it for you). You’ll need to know how to manage your content. And you’ll also need to figure out what plugin works best for which situation.

So let’s talk about WordPress and how you can use it better. This page is filled with links to blog posts, videos, resources (both internal and external) and people to follow so that you can learn it better and ultimately have a website that works for you.

Let’s Build Your WordPress Website Together

Everyone has a story to tell. And with WordPress, it’s pretty easy to tell that story online to a worldwide audience. But, creating the perfect website can be a challenge, especially if you’ve never done that before. Don’t do it alone. We can work together to build your perfect website, whether it’s using a prebuilt theme with your branding on top or a custom solution. Together we can tell your story to the world!

Let’s Build That WordPress Website

Let’s Manage Your WordPress Website

Websites have to be managed so that they stay online and helping your business. And WordPress websites can take a lot of management, and that means more of your time. Don’t worry about that. Let me take care of that hassle for you. Together we can come up with a plan to host, update and fix your website (if need be) and even make a few small changes. That way you never have to worry if your website is still running or not.

Let’s Manage Your WordPress Website