The blessing and curse of using Foundation

So it’s been a couple of weeks since I started the process of creating my new theme, Fotographia. Since the last update, I’ve finished the mockups and begun the process of creating and styling the templates themselves.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I’m using more-or-less a boilerplate, created from the Foundation Framework and JointsWP, to make things go a little bit easier. So far, it has been a big help. It’s so much easier to do a little bit of coding, a little bit of styling and seeing the results immediately, rather than coding and styling everything before taking a look at what it looks like and having to fix it from there. So that’s been a big help.

But there has been a downside to all of this. While it makes it easier to work on templates, my typical plan of action has fallen out of line so far. Normally I have a set order in which things are done: creating the style.css and function.php files, then start with the header.php and move through the remaining templates.

This time, however, I’ve found myself jumping around from template to template and not really finishing one before I move on to the next. So a little self-discipline is needed now for me to go through and organize everything I want to do into a nice and neat plan of action.

I don’t think that should be too hard. Most of the big stuff is out of the way now. The only really tough task I want to accomplish now is to get posts to rotate through attached images on hover on the home and other index pages, but that shouldn’t be too bad.

Other than that, it’s been smooth sailing with the theme.

And just one last thing: Giornalismo has received initial approvement into the WordPress Theme Directory. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for the second review to happen and for the theme to be made live. Fingers crossed.

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