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Getting set to submit Fotographia

So this is it. After a couple of months of work, I’m just about ready to submit Fotographia to the WordPress Theme Directory for review.

This is the quickest development cycle I’ve had for a theme, all though that’s not exactly saying much considering this is just the third theme I’ve developed. But it was certainly helped by the use of Foundation as a framework for the theme. I didn’t have to worry about creating templates from scratch or even worry about responsiveness as much as I’ve had to in the past; just a few minor adjustments here and there to get things just right.

So the plan is to give it one last round of tests this weekend and then send it off early next week. From there, the plan is a little less solid. I’ll probably work on some updates for Nuovo and Giornalismo, especially as the WordPress 4.4 cycle nears its end in December. There’s an update I want to roll out for the JM Breaking News plugin as well, giving users control over the color of the breaking news div.

I also need to do some work on this portfolio site as well, retrofitting it with Foundation to make things look better. On top of that, I’ll probably start brainstorming ideas for plugins and themes to start on development after the start of the new year.

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