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Slow work on Fotographia

So it’s been a while since I posted an update on the work on Fotographia and there’s kind of a good reason for that. Not much has happened since the last update. Things have been really busy around here, particularly with Texas athletic director Steve Patterson resigning last week and a lot of schoolwork due this week.

There has been some work done on the theme, albeit very slow. I added a gray background to the title area for the archive pages, added the ability to have a featured image show for a page similar to the single post and added the author bio to the sidebar for the author template. I also managed to style the calendar and tags widgets.

But that’s not a whole lot accomplished in two weeks, at least in my view. I feel like at this point I should be getting to a spot where I’m testing it out and writing documentation before submitting it for review. But I’m not, so I continue on. There’s primarily a lot of small things left, although the big issue is getting responsive to, well, respond to me correctly (couldn’t resist). So there’s maybe about a month left before I start the heavy testing phase.

As for Giornalismo, there’s no new news on that front. Still waiting for that final approval for it to get into the theme directory.

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