The best web host for a WordPress website

Picking a web host can be a difficult choice. There are so many options out there and a bevy of features that each on offers. And finding the right one for your site is crucial.

I’ve have both good and bad experiences with web hosts in my time in web development. There have been times when I want to pull my hair out, and there have been other times when I’m so thankful for the help.

And if you want a website that also has a lot of functionality, like an e-commerce section, picking the right host can be the difference between smooth sailing for you and your customers and pulling out a lot of your hair. Seriously. It’s almost as important as finding the right developer because the wrong host can cost a lot more money.

And before we get started, let me just say that this isn’t the end all be all. There are a number of great hosts out there that you should take a look at. But these are the ones I recommend.

WP Engine

WP Engine is what I currently use for hosting this website. And if you hire me to build and maintain your website, it will also host your website as well.

So, I’m a bit biased toward them. But there’s a reason I remain with them. They offer great customer support. When I was at WordCamp San Antonio last September, they helped me with a problem I had with their Git Push feature. It wasn’t a pressing need or anything, but they still took the time to help figure out the solution.

They also offer backups, which is a must these days, easy SSL setup, including Let’s Encrypt, Git Push for developers, staging sites, caching and more. They are a bit pricier than the other ones listed here, but I think the value is completely worth it.


GoDaddy isn’t that weird company with the borderline weird Super Bowl commercials anymore. They’re a real, legit web hosting company that is very good for people wanting to have a WordPress website. With GoDaddy, you can quickly spin up a WordPress site within a few minutes.

In addition, you can also buy your domain there and create an email address that matches your domain. It also has backups and makes it easy to setup SSL certificates. If you need a site but are in a bit of a money pinch, GoDaddy’s probably going to be your best bet.

Let’s Keep Your Story Online

Creating a new website can be a challenge. But keep it up and running efficiently can be a challenge. You have to make sure things are updated and running smoothly because if your site is down, no one can find or read your story. But I can help make sure that’s never a problem for your business.

Let’s Come Up With a Plan to Maintain Your Site

Liquid Web

Liquid Web is a relatively newcomer in the hosting game, but they put out a quality product. Like WP Engine, they have dedicated WordPress hosting, meaning their hosting is setup to optimize WordPress. They also work with WooCommerce hosting as well if you need to sell stuff on your website too.

Chris Lema, the VP of Product, spoke at WordCamp DFW and he’s a great guy. And they put out a great product that’s definitely worth a look. And their prices are pretty competitive.


Finally, Flywheel is another quality host that you’ll want to look at for your site. Like WP Engine and Liquid Web, Flywheel is built to host WordPress sites. And their hosting is pretty quick. They also make it easy to set up SSL certificates, and they’ll help you migrate your site over to them.

For developers, they also have a local development application, Local by Flywheel, which is one of the best out there for WordPress. The integration between the two makes development a lot easier.

So there you have it. If you’re looking for a new WordPress website and are trying to figure out where to host it, these are the places I recommend. They know what they’re doing. They’re either completely dedicated to WordPress hosting or have a dedicated section for it. And they’ll give you the best value for your dollar.

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