Best website hosting for WordPress in 2021

One of the most important parts of any website is web hosting.

This is, after all, where all of the files and databases for your website are located. You can’t have a website without it.

And that goes doubly so for WordPress websites. While it’s a great content management system, it’s a bit heavy and it definitely needs a quality web host in order to run as best as possible.

So if you’re looking to create a new WordPress website in 2021 or move your website to a new host this year, let’s walk through some of your top options to find the one that’s right for you.

WP Engine

First off, we have WP Engine. This is who I use to host my websites. I’ve been using them for about five years now, and haven’t had any major issues. In fact, I switched to them because of uptime and security issues at a previous host and those have not been problems with WP Engine.

They provide a ton of tools that you can use, such as Git and SSH, page speed reports, content analysis and more. Also, Atomic Blocks and Genesis and StudioPress themes are included in your plan. And finally, they have daily automated backups, which are great in case something breaks on your website or someone hacks your site.

On the other side, if you’re not a developer those tools probably don’t mean much to you. Plus, it’s very technically focused, which might not mean much to you if you’re just looking to simply host your WordPress website. And those do add up in the cost.

And it can get a bit pricey once you start to host more than one website.

Still a single site will cost you roughly $25 a month to host. Which isn’t too bad considering everything you get.

Liquid Web

If you’re a medium to large-ish sized business trying to sell online, then Liquid Web is a web host that you’re going to want to take a look at.

They have high-quality plans with managed hosting that can run a store of any kind. And they offer a virtual private server option. Plus, their technical support is great, and they have a lot of great people that can help you out.

And their current client list includes Home Depot, National Geographic and Porsche.

However, their hosting packages are among the most expensive on this list. Their lowest WordPress hosting tier starts at $119 a month. Plus, there aren’t any shared hosting options.

But if you need the technical knowledge and the high-end specs to run your online store, Liquid Web is certainly worth checking out.


Pantheon has really become a big part of the WordPress community, both as a web host and helping through sponsoring WordCamps and having their employees speak at those conferences.

Because of that, a lot of what they offer is heavy on Web Ops, which will be something that developers like. They offer production, staging and development sites for each of your installs, which gives you a playground to test things without killing your live site. And they have developer-focused tools like Git workflows, SFTP and a command line interface.

Like WP Engine, a lot of the really cool tools that catch the eyes of developers like me aren’t things that most normal website owners will want or need to use. Plus, Pantheon has a bit of the same cost issue as Liquid Web as the price for the plan most small businesses would like to use starts at $114 a month.

Still, the lowest tier of hosting through them costs just $29 a month. And that might be worth looking into for you.

Sign Up for WordPress Hosting that Helps Your Website

WordPress websites need a lot of care in order to work for your business. There are security concerns, updates to make and a lot more. And those things take time to deal with; time that you’re not spending growing your business. So get the WordPress web hosting that will take all of those concerns away from you and actively help your website grow.

Let’s Give Your Website the Care it Deserves


If you’re looking for something a little bit more simple and just want web hosting at a fairly cheap price, Siteground is probably the web host you want.

In addition to quality web hosting, you’ll also get a free SSL certificate, which is basically a requirement in today’s world. Plus you’ll get free email accounts and auto updates for WordPress, plugins and themes. And if you’re into green energy, their servers run on renewable energy, so you can feel good about your website ecologically.

There are, however, a couple of downsides. First, you don’t get a whole lot of storage space compared to the others. The lowest tier starts at 10 gigabytes, which you might go through quickly if you’re not careful with what you upload. And there aren’t any dedicated server options.

But the best part is that the level most businesses will need is just $9.99 a month. And the cheapest plan is $6.99. That’s a great deal for anyone just starting out with a website.


Similarly, if you’re in that same boat, you might want to take a look at Pressable (and yes I’m wearing a Pressable shirt I got from WordCamp San Antonio).

Among the features you can get is unlimited storage, which is great if you’re uploading a lot of images and other files. You also receive a free SSL certificate and a content delivery network, which can improve your page speed. And you get daily automated backups. That’s always a plus.

On the other side, you don’t get email accounts included in the hosting. And in researching this video, I did come across some complaints about customer service. Although that kind of seems like the norm for everything these days.

The pricing, however, is slightly higher than what you can get with Siteground. Their plans start at $25 a month. But it’s certainly something to check out.

Bluehost, GoDaddy, InMotion

Finally, we have this group of three that are more in the general web hosting category. They do a lot more than WordPress, but they have systems that make it easy to set up a WordPress website.

The main advantage of these hosts is that they are pretty cheap. They also sell domain names, so you can get both wrapped up into one package. And they are great places to start if you’re creating your first website on your own.

But they do have their issues as well. They might not have the best structure to support larger websites, especially if you do a lot of selling online. I had issues with Bluehost and up time/security problems in the early 2010s. And GoDaddy does not play nice with a majority of forms plugins for WordPress.

That being said, if you need something quick and pretty cheap, they aren’t the worst hosts you can go with. Just lower your expectations a little bit.

Exact pricing will obviously differ from company to company, but in general their lowest level of hosting is around $10 a month.

Get web hosting that takes care of your website

If you’re looking for website hosting that goes above and beyond simple hosting, you might want to check out one of the WordPress Website Care plans that I offer. In addition to top-tier hosting on WP Engine, you’ll also get managed updates for WordPress, plugins and themes, added security, fixes when something breaks and more. Plus, you can also get custom analytics reporting and even A/B testing.

Get the website hosting that will actively care for your website so that you can grow your business.