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A look at some of the top Gutenberg themes

It’s almost been a year sin

And in that time frame, a lot of theme designers have started to take advantage of the new editor with the way they’ve built their themes.

They’ve created blocks, styled them and the core blocks and figured how to make that all into one cohesive theme no matter what a website owner might do.

And there’s a chance that you’re probably going to want to take advantage of them for your website.

So today, let’s go through some of the top Gutenberg themes that you might want to try out.


OceanWP demo homepage template

OceanWP might just be the best Gutenberg theme out there on the market today.

Unlike the other themes in this list, OceanWP is free out of the box. There are also free templates with some pretty neat designs. that you can install on your site to make it much easier to fill out and create pages on your website

And for those who want to pay a bit extra to get something more fancy, there are premium options that you can look into. But from what I can tell, all of the templates are clean, modern and eye catching, and you’re bound to find something that you like.

Finally, Ocean WP has all of the features you’ll likely need. It has ecommerce support so you can start an online store. It has SEO built in, so you shouldn’t need to worry about if your site’s code is hurting your SEO. And it also has a focus in quick page load times, which can mean a lot for prospective customers and readers.

If you’re looking for a theme so you can use Gutenberg to the best of its abilities, you can’t get any better than OceanWP.

Guten Theme

Guten Theme demo homepage template

Why yes, I included this theme so I could make a bunch of Guten puns. So what? It’ll be a Guten-venture.

Anyway, there’s a lot to like about Guten Theme. First, it has integration with WooCommerce if you’re want to have an online store. Plus, it comes prepackaged with multiple header, footer and blog templates for you to take advantage of.

But, you can also change the look of the website and specific web pages through the blocks if you want to. Meaning it’s not too hard to make your website look different from everyone else using this theme.

Plus, it also has integration with Elementor and Beaver Builder, so you don’t have to use the Gutenberg editor if you don’t want to.

The only negative I’ve found is that tracking down a demo for theme to get a really good feel for it. But from what I can tell, it’s got all of the bells and whistles you would expect from a premium theme.

Guten Theme is definitely a theme I would consider if you’re looking for one for your website. It’ll help make your website Guten-tastic. (I am not sorry for any of the puns in this section.)

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Breakthrough Pro

Breakthrough Pro demo homepage template

Okay, enough of the Guten puns from the last section. Breakthrough Pro is a high-quality theme from the folks over at StudioPress. And it’ll be a great choice for your website should you select it.

For as busy as the previous two themes could be, Breakthrough tones it down and opts for a more minimalist design. You can show off all of your services and products as well as what your business does. And there are enough options to where you can really make it your own. Plus, you get the backing of the Genesis framework, so you know the backend code is strong.

It is suited more for agencies and those selling services, as opposed to products, but if you care to get dirty enough with the code, you could probably spin up a cool-looking store quickly.

Overall, I’m a fan of minimalism in general, and Breakthrough accomplishes that while allowing you to show off your business to perfection.

Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro theme demo homepage template

Finally, we have the Hestia Pro theme.

This theme features a ton of different blocks and sections for your pages, including really cool parallax sections, team blocks and hero images. It seems like it’s pretty easy to create really cool landing pages to convert folks into being customers.

Plus, it’s built with ecommerce and WooCommerce support, so you’re able to easily create an online store for your business. I’m a pretty big fan of the store and single product pages as well.

Like Breakthrough, it is a premium theme, so you’ll have to pay for it. But I think you’ll find it well worth it if you go down this route.

So there you have it. If you’re looking for themes that have been built with Gutenberg in mind, these are pretty good themes to start with. These themes will allow you to do really cool things with the new editor and create great posts and pages.

I can’t wait to see what you do with them.

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