You can find all the tools you need to build your website, whether you’re just looking for the perfect WordPress plugin or theme to add to your site or need someone to help you create it.

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A new website can take a lot of time and money — something you might not have a lot of if you’re trying to get your business online with a website. A website starter kit, however, takes care of both of those worries. Whether you’re looking for just a simple website with a contact form or an online store or something in between, this website starter kit can get your business online within two weeks.

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JM Simple Small Business Local SEO

Local SEO is crucial for every small business. It’s how you can get found in “near me” searches that are more likely to result in conversions and sales. JM Simple Small Business Local SEO will add in the correct schema that Google can read to get your business to show in map and local searches — all without any code writing for you!

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Screenshot of the archive page for the Semplice Monospazio WordPress theme

Semplice Monospazio

Semplice Monospazio is the perfect block theme for any tech-based blog. The simple design and monospace font make it a great theme to use for your blog about all things tech — from web development, software code and more. Plus, the theme takes full advantage of full site editing in WordPress, meaning you can customize all of the templates to match your personal style. You can do just about anything you want with this theme.

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