Another review, another set of changes needed

So once again with Nuovo there is good news and there is bad news.

The good news is that Nuovo underwent another review by one of the WordPress Theme reviewers last week and the reviewer did a very good and thorough job in review my mistakes. The bad news is that those mistakes, though not huge, are a bit numerous and tedious to fix.

There were a number of small errors that I had made/missed from the previous round of editing and some stuff that had to be taken out (namely the Google Analytics option)… and then there’s the big stuff.

The biggest issues that I’m having to correct are the theme options and wrapping text correctly. The biggest issue of the theme options is that they’re not all in one variable in one array and that it’s also making getting those options incorrect as well. So I’ve gone ahead and made the executive decision to redo the entire theme options page, which is coming along nicely.

Once that’s done, I’ll have to go through and make sure add the __() and _e() functions around where ever text is returned or echoed, which is going to be a pain.

But it will all get done, no matter how long it takes. And notes shall be taken for when I undertake the task of rewriting the Giornalismo theme.