Why Businesses Need to Have a Website


Small Business Websites


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January 4, 2021


  • 0:38 — Your content, your control
  • 1:26 — You can move it anywhere
  • 2:17 — SEO becomes so much easier
  • 3:18 — A place to call home
  • 3:44 — Doesn’t have to be fancy
  • 4:22 — Can be a starting point for digital marketing

You probably have a Facebook page for your small business, and you might have a small Etsy store to sell online. Those are good enough on their own to help your business grow online, right? The answer, unfortunately, is no. You need to have your own dedicated website for your business. A website isn’t just something that’s nice to have anymore. It’s a requirement. A website will allow you to get found in searches that are more likely to result in sales, give you a home on the digital main street and it will be a place to call home. So yeah, you need to have a website if you don’t already have one.

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