Determining if your business needs a new website


Small Business Websites


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March 22, 2021


  • 0:42 — Do you currently have a website?
  • 1:38 — Does your current website look nice?
  • 2:31 — Can you do everything you need to do?
  • 3:23 — Are there technical issues with the website?
  • 4:24 — Can you afford a new website?
  • 5:04 — Is your website helping your business?
  • 5:51 — Outro

You currently might think that your website needs a new website. But does it really? While obviously if you don’t have a website, the answer is pretty easy: you need one. But if you already have one, then the answer might not be as obvious. And this decision can save you time, money and headaches if you really don’t need a new website and just need a few changes to the current one. So let’s go through and see if your business truly does need a new website to spruce things up.

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