So you want to create a new website?


So you want to create a new website?


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January 2, 2023


  • 0:00 — Intro
  • 0:44 — What will this series cover?
  • 1:43 — Who is this series for?
  • 2:39 — Wrapping it up

So you want to create a website for yourself or your business? That’s great. But creating a successful website that’s going to help your business is a challenge. You have to plan it out, figure out a budget, determine if you’re going to create the website yourself, finding someone to build the website, actually creating the website, creating content for the website and then managing the website after it’s been launched. It’s a lot of work. But this series is here to walk you through all of those steps. So come along for the journey as we learn how you can create a website for your business.

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