Why Websites Cost So Much (and how to lower that cost)


So you want to create a new website?


Digital Marketing, small business websites, websites


January 23, 2023


  • 0:00 — Intro
  • 1:10 — What goes into the cost of a website?
  • 2:55 — Example Website Quote
  • 4:33 — Why is the cost worth it?
  • 5:40 — Ways to lower the cost
  • 6:45 — Wrapping It Up

One reason you might be hesitant to create a new website for your business is the cost of a website. Yes, creating a custom website is expensive. The going rate these days seems to be around $5,000. But that price is for a custom website. There are good reasons for that price, and there are ways for you to lower that price to fit your budget. So in today’s video let’s dive deeper into the reasons for the cost of a website and find ways that you can lower that cost for your new website. Because you can get a new website for your business that will fit your budget.

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