Computer screen with the Nuovo homepage

Nuovo update: live testing will be a challenge

Things were going to easy not to run into a major issue with the build.

After taking less than a week to build the theme from the ground up, it could take a month or so to debug it and make it the way I had envisioned it.

I got done with the remaining templates on Friday on the car ride down to Brenham and decided to give it a run on my localhost test site. The results that came up were not what I had expected.

The homepage was the toughest to look at and will probably take the longest to edit and debug. The top stories slider, which I admit was something new I was trying out, didn’t turn up the way I thought it would. I’m also having height issues with floated divs that will need to be worked out.

The best looking template so far is the single post template. That one almost turned out the way I had hoped for it. The only remaining issue I have with that is getting the author information to work correctly if the user has that selected.

So the plan of action for now is to just start chipping away at the issues. I’ll probably start with the homepage since that has the most issues, but I might also jump around if I get stuck on that template to keep my sanity.

It’s going to be a lot of work, but it will definitely be worth it in the end. It will be a good experience.

Below are some screenshots of the theme so far.

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