Computer screen with the Nuovo homepage

Nuovo update: things starting to really come together

Wow. What a difference a week makes.

After feeling like nothing was going right with the testing of the theme over the weekend, this past week has been a huge success in getting things the way they need to be with the theme.

The homepage is looking much, much better. The top stories slideshow is still a mess, but slightly less of a mess than it was. The biggest improvement came with the category areas. I was able to figure out how to make sure the heights were respected despite floated elements, so all looks right with that.

The single post template is more or less fully complete now that I got the author information to finally show up and behave itself. The category template, as well as the other ones that are basically similar, are basically done as well.

The page template, which for some reason was giving me headaches with PHP errors galore despite like 20 lines of code, finally got fixed with a simple fix (and a stupid error).

So from here, it’s time to work on the styling and fine tune things to get them just right. I’m hopefully going to be trying out some interesting styles and making things look cool. The font(s) more than likely will change as well as some of the bars. The widget styles will be edited and changed as well. They look less than stellar to me.

But as long as the improvement continues at this rate, all should be very well.

As always, photos of the theme progress are below.

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