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Nuovo update: slow, but needed changes made to home page

So I didn’t get much done this weekend on the theme as I had hoped. A busy schedule and the task of taking down and putting away the Christmas decorations hindered my attempts to hammer out a lot of things that need changing.

But I did manage to get a lot changed on the home page.

The featured stories slideshow is essentially done except for minor changes and maybe some font changes. I ended up making the photo part of that larger and the panel with the title and whatnot smaller and added a border around all of that. It looks way, way better in my opinion.

Elsewhere on the homepage, I finally got some errors out of the way that had been bugging me. Some how I managed to miss a closing div tag with the background to the category title which meant the entire category area was technically inside of that background. Oops.

I also realized that the gradients I was using didn’t show up in Internet Explorer (who uses that anyways these days), so I got that all cleaned up both here with the theme and over at Arena Pigskin.

From here, there’s still a ways to go. I have to re-make the theme options page because I can’t get check boxes to work the way I need to. I’m also getting frustrated with fonts as Lucinda Grande is not working with me at the moment. And then there’s making sure that everything looks cool.

It’s a long process for sure.

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