Computer screen with the Nuovo homepage

Nuovo update: work comes to a bit of a halt

So coming into this build (which is what I’ve decided to call this), my biggest fear was that after a while I would get a bit disinterested and move on and never finish creating this theme.

Well, this week that fear was sort of realized, though it’s been more because I have been busier getting ready for the spring semester and packing and all of that stuff.

So yeah, not much happened this week with the theme. I’m still having issue with the “Lucinda Grande” font with no clue how to solve it right now. I think if I can get through that “wall”, I’ll be able to get the energy I need to at least finish the desktop version of the theme.

I’m heading back to UT on Saturday, which takes most of that day out of play to really work on the theme. Sunday will be a toss up based on what I need to do to get ready for class. And then classes start on Monday and the fun begins.

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