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Nuovo update: stopped dead in its tracks

College life is hard, eh?

Between the getting ready for class, making sure you have everything on the course’s syllabus and doing homework and whatnot, some extra stuff kind of gets forgotten.

Case in point, the Nuovo theme. After making some strong progress with creating and debugging the theme, it’s really come to a grinding halt. Just can’t find a lot of time to work it into my schedule this week.

But there is a merciful three-day weekend coming up where I hope to a) catch up on stuff from class and b) get some good work done on the theme and this novel I’m also trying to write (going on like three years now).

What I do hope to accomplish is figure out what’s up with the issue with the font Lucinda Grande. I’m hoping to work that into the theme a lot, but it’s not responding the way I need it too. If I can get that to work, it may give me the shot I need to jump start the build.

There’s also the issue of the theme options page which is going to have to be rebuilt since it doesn’t work with check boxes and it will hopefully give me more control on how the options page looks style-wise.

So here’s to a less hectic weekend and some good work getting done.

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