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Nuovo update: fix one thing, break 10 others, that’s the way coding goes

So on the one hand, I actually managed to complete the one task that I had set out to do a while back: rewrite the theme options page so that I had better control over the formatting of the page and to be able to add check boxes to the form.

So after a bit of rewriting and fiddling, I got that all taken care of and it doesn’t actually look all that bad; however, I tried to take it a step further and implement jQuery tabs into the page to organize the page to make things easier for the user.

The only problem is that while loading JavaScript files in normal templates (home.php, single.php, etc.) is incredibly easy, doing that in admin pages is a bit more difficult.

I feel like I’ve tried everything, scouring the web for any solution, but nothing works. As far as I can tell, the scripts needed aren’t loading correctly which is messing up the tabs stuff.

So, for the next week or so, I’ll continue to focus on this issue with hopefully a successful ending. In the meantime, here’s a look at what the page looks like so far (wish I had before picture to highlight the changes):


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