To use a WordPress Page Builder … or not


WordPress Wednesday


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February 3, 2021


  • 1:00 — What is a Page Builder?
  • 1:28 — Page Builder Options
  • 2:04 — What page builders are good at
  • 2:31 — What page builders are bad at
  • 3:45 — Page builders vs. Block editor
  • 4:44 — Should you use a page builder?

If you’re wanting to really customize your WordPress website, you’ve probably heard about page builders. They are great tools for being able to customize the look of your webpages without hiring a developer to touching any of the code yourself. But they do have their downsides and some are clearly better than the rest. So today let’s go over the top page builders, how they can help you, how they can hurt you and compare it to the (relatively) new block editor.

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