CSS — Part Four>CSS — Part Four

Where HTML lays out the page for the browser, CSS, or Cascading Stylesheets, sets out the design for the page. With CSS, you can define fonts for HTML elements, background colors, border, sizes and more. If it’s designed on the page, it’s more than likely designed with CSS. Today, we’ll discuss the two biggest CSS frameworks, Foundation and Bootstrap. CSS frameworks make it easier to create page layouts and cool webpages. And while they do more and deserve their own video, we’ll just look at the CSS side of things.



  • :34 — Foundation
  • :49 — Setting Up Foundation
  • 1:04 — The Grid
  • 2:04 — Media Queries
  • 2:33 — Where You Can Find Resources
  • 2:51 — Bootstrap
  • 3:02 — Setting Up Bootstrap
  • 3:17 — The Grid
  • 3:39 — Media Queries
  • 4:04 — Where You Can Find Resources
  • 4:24 — What's Next?

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