Learning PHP — Part Five: Cookies, Sessions, Errors and File Handling>Learning PHP — Part Five: Cookies, Sessions, Errors and File Handling

Now we know how to create a webpage and style it, so let’s move on to adding dynamic content to the page. And we do that with PHP, or PHP Hypertext Processor. This is how you can grab data from files or a database, loop through the data and display it in any way possible. Today, we’ll talk about how set and use cookies and sessions, talk through error handling and handle file uploads.



  • :20 — Cookies
  • :58 — How to use Cookies
  • 1:34 — Sessions
  • 2:03 — How to use Sessions
  • 2:33 — Errors
  • 3:26 — Debugging
  • 4:42 — Files
  • 4:55 — Reading Files
  • 5:28 — Writing Files
  • 5:49 — Uploading Files

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