CSS — Part One>CSS — Part One

Where HTML lays out the page for the browser, CSS, or Cascading Stylesheets, sets out the design for the page. With CSS, you can define fonts for HTML elements, background colors, border, sizes and more. If it’s designed on the page, it’s more than likely designed with CSS. Today, we’ll walk through the basics of creating a stylesheet, linking it to the page and going over some of the basic CSS rules you can use.


  • :09 — What is CSS?
  • :25 — CSS Rules and Selectors
  • :58 — Colors
  • 1:38 — Fonts
  • 2:40 — Backgrounds
  • 3:00 — Borders
  • 3:22 — Pseudo Classes
  • 4:03 — Linking Stylesheets
  • 4:47 — Inline Styles

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